Residential Hillside Property


Residential Hillside Property

Resdential Hillside Property

GEI was involved in the grading observation and testing for the Residential Hillside Property. GEI supplied qualified technicians for the compaction testing for the building pads, utility trenches, detention basin, parking lot, and surrounding site work. In addition, GEI provided special inspectors for the testing and inspection of the construction materials and shop welding inspection. Our inspectors worked closely with the builder. which coordinated all of the on-site and off-site inspections. Some of the inspections included welding, concrete, pull torque test, bolting inspection, shop welding inspection, rebar testing, fire proofing, reinforcing steel and bond tests, concrete batch plant inspection, masonry and compression testing just to name a few.

Typical Project Summary

The typical project involves construction of a new home. The construction would include checking the geologic conditions at the site include the presence of fine-grained Aeolian (wind-deposited) soils that could potentially be susceptible to settlement under the anticipated foundation loads or addition of landscaping water. Therefore, a foundation preparation procedure was implemented to mitigate this potential condition that included use of a geotextile fabric at a depth of 6 feet below grade with 6 to 8 inches of compacted crushed rock before replacement of the existing soils as compacted fill.


GEI’s Role

GEI provided the geotechnical and geologic investigation, grading observation, compaction testing, and construction inspection for this project. Our team worked closely with the grading contractor and project personnel to ensure proper placement of the geotextile and rock, and proper moisture conditioning and compaction of the engineered fill subgrade. GEI’s experience in observation and testing of fine-grained soils was crucial in achieving the specified subgrade conditions.